【Exhibition】We will introduce the water-saving agriculture solution with Porous Alpha at Undercover Farming Expo 2020 in Pretoria, South Africa


Tottori resource Recycling, Inc. (“TRR”) and our South African partner company “Porous Alpha South Africa (Pty) Ltd.” will showcase the water-saving solution for agriculture with a multi-functional foamed glass material “Porous Alpha” at Undercover Farming Expo 2020 (“UCF Expo”) at CSIR Convention Center in Pretoria, South Africa from 24th to 25th February 2020.

South Africa has the second largest economy in Africa and has a thriving agriculture in the production of vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, it has suffered from recurrent drought and the restrictions on the use of agricultural water are implemented in some areas. The availability of water resources is one of the significant bottlenecks. Under this circumstance, in South Africa the technology of undercover farming is paid attention for the efficient use of limited water resources and agriculturally suitable land in arid lands.

By mixing “Porous alpha” into the soil, the water retention capacity and the aeration in the soil are improved, and irrigation water consumption can be reduced by 50% alongside with keeping or improving yield. The technology brought successful results in many regions, including Japan, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
(Please see here for the result of the experimentation)

Our local partner in South Africa established Porous Alpha South Africa (Pty) Ltd. in April 2019 to promote the water-saving agricultural technologies by using Porous Alpha in the Southern Africa region.

 From August 2019, TRR and Porous Alpha South Africa have started a pilot project of Porous Alpha for a table grape farm, UITVLUGT in Western Cape under the program “Support for market development to solve problem in food value chain in Africa and the other countries” with the financial and technical support by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (“MAFF”)”.

In this UCF Expo, we will introduce the technology to improve the productivity in farming through the reduction of water usage by using glass foamed material “Porous Alpha”.

Undercover Farming Expo 2020 (Official Website)
Period                   :24th to 25st February 2020
Place                     :Pretoria ,South Africa
Company booth : C10 (the map in venue)
Exhibitor’s name : Porous Alpha South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

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