• Morocco
Head Office (Subsidiary) 
Tottori Resource Recycling Morocco S.A.R.L
Avenue des F.A.R, Nr208, El Menzeh
Agadir, Morocco

TEL:+212 528 847 830
GSM:+212 699 820 232
e-mail: info@t-rrl.jp
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Products & Services
 ・Soil conditioning
 ・Water treatment: microbial decomposition
 ・Water treatment: adsorption & desorption of Phosphorus ion
 ・Water treatment: adsorption & desorption of fluorine
 ・Microbial deodorization


Sales Agent
GSM: +212 661 423 667
e-mail: sagritec@gmail.com
         Products & Services
             ・Soil conditioning
  • Shop in Meknes
    N°18, Route de BOUDERBALA, Haj Kaddour Centre, Cooperative Al Khayrat, CR Sidi Slimane Moulkifane
    Méknès, Morocco
    Near the station-service INOV
  • Shop in Sidi Kacem
    N°180 bis Lotissement Zirari 2
    Sidi Kacem, Morocco 
    Snack Ô DELICE


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Tottori Resource Recycling Inc.

583 Higashisono, Hokuei-cho, Tohaku-gun,
Tottori, 689-2202, Japan

TEL: +81 85 849 6230
FAX: +81 85 849 6288
e-mail: info@t-rrl.jp