Water treatment

Microbial decomposition


There are demands for lake and aquaculture farm to purify the water by microbial decomposition

  • Water pollution takes place in lake, reservoir and aquaculture farm by eutrophication
  • Especially for aquaculture, water contamination directly impact on the productivity. Diseases from water contamination can critically damage the business
  • In addition to phosphorus, many organic matter in the water are the cause for eutrophication
  • Porous Alpha with microbe which decompose organic matter can offer the water quality improvement

Microbe living in water is inhabited in Porous Alpha. They decompose the organic matter when it passes through the interconnected cell

Conceptual image of decomposition of organic matter in the water

Water containing various kinds of organic matters

Case Study

Pilot project in Chinese small pond realize the reduction of COD by 85.4% and BOD by 83.0% in one month

Location:Nanming District, Guizhou, China

Period:Jan. 15, 2012 ~ Feb. 15, 2012

Volume of pond water

  • 80 m3 (10m*10m*0.8m)
  • ・200 m3 maximum(10m*10m*2m)
  • No inflow, no outflow

Quantity of Porous Alpha:2.5m3

Subject Before installation 1 month later Reduction (%)
COD (mg L-1) 7.35 1.07 85.4
BOD (mg L-1) 2.53 0.43 83.0