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Water treatment: Adsorption & desorption of fluorineWater treatment: Adsorption & desorption of Phosphorus ionMicrobial DeodorizingWater treatment: Microbial decompositionSoil conditioning: improving water retention & aeration capacityCapillary Barrierothers

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Tottori Resource Recycling Inc.
583 Higashisono, Hokuei-cho, Tohaku-gun,
Tottori, 689-2202, Japan
TEL. 0858-49-6230
FAX. 0858-49-6288
Tottori Resourec Recycling Morocco S.A.R.L
Avenue des F.A.R, Nr208, El Menzeh,
Agadir, Morocco
TEL. +212 528 847 830
GSM. +212 661 455 457