Company Overview

We, Tottori Resource Recycling Inc. are the venture company focused on foamed glass as core technology

Tottori Resource Recycling Inc.
Yoshiaki Takeuchi (Mr.)
December, 2001
40 million JPY
Head office
583 Higashi-sono, Hokuei-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori, 689-2202, Japan
Overseas Network
Number of employees
Business area
Producing foam glass by clean recycling process(patented technology)
Glass recycling methodology for solar panel module glass(patented technology)
Inventing and selling the following solutions based on foam glass


  • Water treatment: Adsorption and recovery of fluorine (Patented)
  • Water treatment: Adsorption and recovery of Phosphorus ion (Patented)
  • Microbial Deodorizing
  • Water treatment: Microbial decomposition
  • Soil conditioning: improving water retention & aeration capacity
  • Land improvement for salinity control
  • Microbial Fuel Cell

…and other applications under development

We carry the global environment to the next generation by improving it

The global warming associated with water shortage affects agriculture, farming, food insecurity and its skyrocketing price for 7+ billion population over the world part of which conflicts and lootings take place

We are specialized in the application of safe and multifunctional porous material “Porous Alpha” by foaming used glass with patent technology

Based on the glass foaming technology to create safe porous material, which was difficult before, we contribute to realize the comfortable global environment and reduce the environmental burden at the same time

We carry the beautiful earth to the next generation by improving the global environment

We research and develop the core technology of foaming glass with Univ. of Tottori, selling and developing applications with partner companies

We have been obtained various supports and awards from the Japanese govt. agency and UN agents

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