Japanese government supports the pilot project in South Africa


(Tottori, Japan, 18 June 2019) Tottori Resource Recycling, Inc. (“TRR”) announced that Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan accepted the proposal for pilot project for water saving technology with “Porous Alpha”, TRR’s multifunctional porous material made by recycling glass waste, in the Republic of South Africa under the program “Support for market development to solve problem in food value chain in Africa and the other countries”.

By mixing Porous Alpha into the soil, it is possible to increase water retention capacity and aeration in the soil, which leads the water saving and yield increase at the same time.
This technology has realized impacts in various countries such as Japan, Kenya, Mauritania, Senegal, Morocco and Kenya.
(Please see here for the result of the experimentation here.)

South Africa, where we carry out the pilot project, has the second largest economy in Africa with advanced agriculture sector with significant production of the crops such as grape, orange, avocado. At the same time, the water resource in South Africa has been not enough with frequent drought which has caused water restriction in some regions.

Under this situation, our technology is expected to improve the sustainability of agriculture.

We continue to contribute global environmental issue such as food security and water through Porous Alpha, multi-functional porous material made by recycling glass waste.

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