The delegation from Morroco visited our factory in Tottori


The delegation of Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Directorate of Irrigation and Development of Agricultural Areas (DIAEA), and Regional Office of Agricultural Development (ORMVAT) of Morocco visited our factory in Tottori on 21st June 2019. We explained them our water-waving agriculture technology by using foamed grass “Porous Alpha” and our activity of the subsidiary “Tottori Resource Recycling Morocco S.A.R.L“in Morocco.

The delegation of DIAEA and ORMVA are invited to Japan through “promotion of saving-water irrigation system” project conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) from FY2019. The training programs in Japan are to introduce the maintenance method of irrigation machine and smart technology and digitization in the field of irrigation in Japan and visiting the field of irrigation farm.
As a part of this training program, they visited Arid Land Research Center, Tottori University and our factory.

Agriculture sector is crucial in Morocco. On the other hand, the regions for agricultural production such as Souss-Massa which is the center of vegetable production are located in arid and semi-arid zone where the sustainable water resource usage is a pressing issue. The decrease of rainfall caused by climate change is predicted; 20-30% precipitation reduction by the end of this century, according to UNDP. (Reference: UNDP climate change adaptation)

We created its subsidiary, Tottori Resource Recycling Morocco S.A.R.L in Agadir, Morocco in May 2017, to provide farmers the solution of water and fertilizer saving and yield increase.

By mixing Porous Alpha into the soil, it is possible to increase water retention capacity and aeration in the soil, which leads the water saving and yield increase at the same time.
This technology has realized impacts in various countries such as Japan, Kenya, Mauritania, Senegal, Morocco and Kenya.
(The result of the experimentation can be seen here.)

We continue to contribute global environmental issue such as food security and water and achievement of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through Porous Alpha, multi-functional porous material made by recycling glass waste.

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