【Exhibition】Tottori Resource Recycling exhibits Porous Alpha in Agra ME, the upcoming agricultural exhibition in Dubai, UAE


Tottori Resource Recycling exhibits our product in Agra ME 2018 which takes place in Dubai, UAE from 6th to 8th March 2018.

Agra ME is one of the largest exhibition focusing on Agribusiness, Aquaculture and Veterinary in Middle East. Privte and public organisations from 41 countries introduces the cutting-edge technologies and products. Tottori Resource Recycling is the only exhibitor from Japan (*).
(* The exhibitor whose country is registered as Japan.)

In Middle East, especially Gulf countries, the available water resource is limited, which results in high dependency on food imports. In addition, the substantial water resource, and energy for desalination, is consumed for the irrigation water for the plants and grasses for urban greening.

Under such situation, Tottori Resource Recycling introduces the water-saving urban greening and agriculture technology with “Porous Alpha”, the porous foamed glass material. The soil amendment solution by Porous Alpha has realized water-saving and yield increase in several countries. For example, the soil amendment with Porous Alpha has saved 50% water consumption alongside with more than 20% yield increase in Morocco. (See the case studies in various countries here.)

Tottori Resource Recycling believes that the utilisation of Porous Alpha in Middle East such as UAE realizes the efficient utilisation of precious water resource, the reduction of energy consumption and the emission of CO2 for desalination and the increase of food self-sufficiency by the agriculture in arid area where the water resource is too scarce for conventional agriculture.

Please contact us from the followings for the visit to the booth in the exhibition and the discussion for the utilisation of Porous Alpha.
TEL:0858-49-6230  FAX:0858-49-6288

We are looking forward to seeing you.

▼About the exhibition
Name of exhibition:Agra ME 2018
Period: 6th ~ 8th March 20182 (3 days)
Timing: 9:30 ~ 17:30
Venue:Za’abeel halls 4 & 5, Dubai World Trade Centre (Dubai)
Our booth: Z5. B30
Product: Soil improvement solution
Exhibition: Introduction of the solution above. Limited number of samples are available.
Access: Please see the website below.

・Contact from our website
・TEL:0858-49-6230  FAX:0858-49-6288