【Media】Our technology is to be broadcasted in Japanese national TV program for overseas, NHK World, on 2 June, 2018


Our water-saving agriculture technology in arid area is to be presented in the TV program for overseas in Japanese national TV station, NHK World (, on 2nd June, 2018.

Because of the growing global population and economic growth in emerging countries, there are growing concerns about the global food shortage. To increase the food production, it is necessary to improve the agriculture productivity, which normally requires additional water resource to support the higher yield. However, 70% of available water resource all over the world is already consumed for agriculture. Under this situation, the technology to maintain or increase the productivity with less water consumption is highly needed.

Our foamed glass material “Porous Alpha” works as soil amendment to improve the water retention capacity of the soil. In our track records for the farmers in arid area including Morocco, Porous Alpha has been realizing the reduction of water consumption and liquid fertilizer alongside with maintain or increase of harvest. (Our track records are available here)

(Our agriculture expert checking the soil and plant condition with tomato farmer)

In the upcoming TV program of “Biz Stream” in NHK World, our technology will be presented as one of the “Japanese agriculture technology, fighting against Agricultural Water Shortage”.

Broadcasting station: NHK World
Program: Biz Stream (
Timing: 14:10 – 14:30, 2nd June (Sat.) (GMT)
* The same movie is available on VOD service in the following website for two weeks after broadcasting

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