Water saving agriculture technology with Porous Alpha, identified by UNIDO as an environmental technology transferrable to developing countries


Tottori Resource Recycling is pleased to announce the publication of the movie produced by UNIDO to introduce our water saving agriculture technology with Porous Alpha.

You can see that video here.

UNIDO is one of the agency of United Nations, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial development in developing countries. UNIDO Tokyo Office (IPTO) lists up environmental and energy technologies on its website.(

The movie we uploaded here is produced by UNIDO which identified our water saving agriculture with Porous Alpha as transferrable technology to developing countries. This movie introduces Porous Alpha, our factory and new project in Morocco.

Our technology doesn’t only reduce water related cost but also make the agriculture more resilient to climate change because it enables to continue agriculture with less rainfall. In addition, the water saving for agricultural use increase the reserve of ground water, by which it’s expected that more water becomes available during drought.

Tottori Resource Recycling has explored the possibility to apply the technology in developing countries such as Morocco supported by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). We continue such exploratoin in collaboration with governmental agencies and international organisations such as UNIDO.

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